What is Dedicated Software?

It is nothis more than a tool that is designed to serve a specific purpose. Adapted to the user's needs, fulfilling its requirements as to the manner of operation and the operations they perform.

Why this type of software?

Currently on the market is the number of applications available that offer different features, but do not always meet our expectations 100%. They often do not allow the exchange of data between other applications, which gives us the amount of work you need to spend on its implementation.

Web applications are designed to eliminate these problems and potential use to the greatest possible extent. They are created to increase productivity and quality of work.


A trivial example can be the use of a spreadsheet to perform simple mathematical calculations. Yes you can, only the potential of the application itself is not used even in 1% - you can use the calculator for this purpose;)

By introducing such a sheet to a field in which only enter the critical value, the percentage use of the possibility of the application grows. Adding further possibilities, e.g. automatic collection of calculation results in the table, calculation of other values we need based on the collected data - this percentage increases significantly. Creating a report based on the calculations allows you to use the application to the greatest extent possible.

Similar examples can be found, for example, performing orders in external companies, checking expiry dates, controlling company expenses, etc.

Is it possible to "squeeze" more from dedicated software?

By all means. Based on the previous example, let's imagine working in the field and collecting data from a large area. It is quite uncomfortable to walk with a large computer or laptop. Let's try to use a tablet or even a smartphone (which we always have with us) - is it easier?

Add to this the fact that the data we collect goes straight to the place where they are further processed by another person.

Colloquially speaking, "There is power" :)

A-Bolt gives that power.

Seeing that you can work efficiently in your business, present us your vision and we will deal with its implementation. You don't need to have technical or strictly IT knowledge.

If you do not know how to improve efficiency, we can try to solve your dilemma by analyzing your company under the software account and presenting you solutions tailored to your needs and capabilities.

There are many solutions. All you have to do is want it :)