But that what a tradition. She is good at producing beer, not software. Here you have to go with technological progress and even be a step ahead.

The secret to A-Bolt lies in understanding this word.
A word taken from English, meaning screw, lightning, thunder.
They all fit the company's idea, but mainly the screw is an important word here - even binding, because:

combines elements; when loose, it can cause noise of elements joined together - it must be "screwed"; and when it turns out in the "mode system", it can cause the system to lock up or even crumble;)

The key goal (maybe a little pathetic) is

To be for the People, not for the "system".

Try to understand the needs of micro and small companies - your companies - and grow for you.


Hmh ... A-Bolt is a "one-man army" - like Johny Rambo, Terminator or Chuck Norris - I create myself, but ...

We are the team (the slogan from the logo in free translation), because everyone is fighting and knows what he needs, and A-Bolt solves your problems making them more tolerable (read "I arm to fight in the system so that the battle is more efficient";)


Many would think that I am a strange person (although I prefer a term, a special personality - not flattering myself: P)

Quite strange, I have self-esteem because I assume that "It's good to do something for someone."

Programming has been my passion for almost three decades. I am still educating myself and in possibilities, looking for solutions where I can. There are no perfect people, and I think I am such a person - I'm not a great programmer.

I am currently closing myself in HTML, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL, creating Web applications.